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Weekly agenda view, habit tracking

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 4:02 pm
by iraway
Here's a screenshot of the current week view, showing my habit tracking for last week:


In the week view (as well as on the daily agenda view), crossed out items are those that are checked off as done. Reminders also stop appearing for any events marked as started, so not all items are marked done necessarily (it's up to you if you use either checkbox or both).

Weekly habit tracking shows the same list of active habits as I showed previously in the daily agenda view. Any habits that existed as of the selected date range will appear with their status. Each record can store about 2 years worth of habit tracking, so this is very compact.

The Habits records can also be viewed at a higher level via the report system:


This allows selecting any date range, and will produce a readable report of checkmarks for each habit within the range.