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Stickers and Z-Order

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 2:03 am
by iraway
Got stickers working a few days ago. Basically these are small, transparent images that can be dropped onto the graph view and "stuck" to any note or other object there. When the note is moved, the sticker moves along with it. The plan is to eventually have several packs of stickers available with different themes, as DLC items.

Here's the sidebar showing a few test stickers:


The bottom panel is what I'm calling the "tool panel" for now. It will be a spot where built-in and add-on scripts can display a custom UI for interaction with elements on the note graph, or other tabs. For now it's just a place for the sticker palette, and I don't have a UI yet for how different tools are activated. This will probably just be in the form of another menu and a small toolbar either on the left of the window, or embedded within the tab strip at the bottom of the window.

I've also got proper z-ordering working finally, which will be a big usability improvement for myself. Previously notes were always displayed in a fixed z-order, just because that was the easiest thing to do. Now they will be drawn in the order they were clicked on, essentially. So yoy might start with a stack of notes like this:


Then if you clicked Green, then Blue in turn, the display would look like:


This ordering is then preserved between sessions of course, so everything is exactly as you last left it.