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Post by iraway » Tue Dec 31, 2019 8:50 pm

Hey there, I am Isaac Raway also known in some places as Blueapples. I've been working on a program called StoneNotes for a very, very long time and I thought that I should start to post updates on my progress, more or less just as a way to get some ideas written down but also to document progress for posterity.

StoneNotes is a personal information management/personal database/personal computing platform currently under development. Here's a quick preview of the current development version, showing some of the recently added capabilities such as templates (the form on the right) and differently themed sticky notes:


Some background: the first version of StoneNotes was written while I was still in high school, using the programming language Delphi. I started selling it online, and achieved a very small amount of success. People actually bought it, people actually seemed to like my ideas! It was great, but sadly didn't last. Some time around when I started to work as a full time programmer for a living, I lost interest in the program almost purely because I switched platforms to Mac OS.

Since then, and after many switches of platform back and forth from Windows, to Mac to Linux and back again, I have decided that anything I write from now on should be cross platform. It just makes the most sense for me personally since I often like to change platforms and I don't see that changing any time soon, but it also makes sense because there are lot of people out there and they all like different things. So to cater the the widest group of users I want all of my software to be cross platform.

The initial switch to Mac OS meant that I could not continue to work on StoneNotes using Delphi. Unfortunately I decided at the time to set it aside, and allowed the website to languish until at last it stopped working.

At some point in 2013 I decided to dust off the project and start a grand rewrite. This was originally done in C# and WinForms (prior to my cross platform epiphany). I built something that I still think was pretty cool, but eventually the complexity of the way I had started to write the program caught up with me and drained the joy out of the effort.

Fast forward to the last year or two and I have started a third rewrite of the program, this time with a specific set of features in mind prior to starting development. The new program is written in cross-platform C with IUP as the GUI library for Linux and Windows versions. The Mac version will use a native Mac OS UI as that definitely seems like the right approach there, but will leverage as much of the same code as possible from the Linux and Windows versions. I have also tentatively determined ways to do mobile device support, but mobile device support is much further down the road. I wish there was a cross-platform GUI toolkit that could really work on all three desktop environments and both mobile platforms, but for now this seems to be out of reach.

This site will serve as a worklog documenting the journey to completing the first version of this rewrite, a tradition I picked up during my Blitzmax development days. In many ways the program is already functional and operational, containing many hundreds of my own notes, but in other ways it still has quite a ways to go before I will want to fully release it. That said, I want to give anyone who finds this kind of application interesting a peek into my progress and thought process.

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