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Flexible repeating items

Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2020 4:51 pm
by iraway
One of the goals for StoneNotes is to have a lot of flexibility in the way that items of all kinds are repeated -- Todo items, Daily agenda entries, etc.

To this end I've been working on a repeat feature that is based on the iCal Recurrance Rule standard but exposes it in a friendly interface (and stores it in a very compact form using only two 32-bit integers) to let you setup just about any kind of repeating pattern you would want. Some screenshots:

Base item details dialog box:

Repeat presets:

Popup for editing custom repeat patterns:

This uses IupDropButton which is probably my favorite Iup control right now. I have some ideas for how to use this in the future to hide other detailed parts of the UI so things are quickly accessible but not too cluttered. Great interaction element.