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— the easy to use, fully customizable personal database

Introducing StoneNotes 2020

The easy to use, fully customizable personal database

StoneNotes is a powerful but still easy to use and highly customizable personal database system.

The program is easy to start using, just create a new note with one simple command and start typing.

StoneNotes' options for customization are deep and easily accessible. Templates allow for more organized notes, similar to forms in a paper planner.

The interface and objects in it can be customized to match your particular style and to help you organize items visually.

Search is very easy to accomplish, just type a bit of text in the search bar and all objects that match are immediately shown.

(Click each dot above and in further screenshots for more details.)

StoneNotes uses spatial desktop concepts to help you organize your notes in a way that may actually help you remember things.

Spatial desktop concepts were once popular in the computer industry and are widely regarded as the most user friendly way to organize items in a computer system.

StoneNotes leverages decades of research and product design that has been forgotten by the industry to make your personal database both easier to use and to help you actually remember where information is stored and may even help you remember the information itself without even needing to look it up.

StoneNotes is ideal for writers, researchers, programmers, and anyone else who needs to store, search and process text.

The database format is a simple paged based binary structure for efficiency, and we include an (optional) scripting language that you can use to work with your data.

StoneNotes is a powerful personal information management system, complete with daily agenda, planning calendar and more.

StoneNotes is more than a simple database and more than a basic Personal Information Management (PIM) system, it allows you to customize the interface with templates and more as talked about previously.

That said, we do have an opinionated way to organize PIM information such as contacts, events, etc.

Free trial and 30 day money back guarantee

We are so confident that StoneNotes is a unique and powerful system that you will fall in love with that we offer both a 7 day free trial, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Want to learn more about what makes StoneNotes unique?

Read more about the process of developing StoneNotes and our unique approach to personal information management on the Worklog page.

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