the easy to use, fully customizable personal database
Update for 2023: We are in the process of modernizing the UI and stabalizing the application through the use of Address Santizer. Additionally, we are implementing new features to support sharing your content and fully controlling how it is published.
The next version of StoneNotes is coming soon...
The easy to use, fully customizable personal database

StoneNotes is...
...ideal for novel writers and non-fiction writers, researchers, programmers, and anyone else who needs to store, search and process text.

...a powerful personal information management system, complete with daily agenda, planning calendar and more.

...more than a simple database and more than a basic Personal Information Management (PIM) system, it allows you to customize the interface with easy to create templates, macros and more.

Imagine the benefits of more organized work...
...easier to find reference material, and a desktop system that grows with you -- and goes with you, on any mobile device, computer and on the web.

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Below are preview images based on the prototype version of StoneNotes 2020.

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