The Day tab shows data for a single selected day.

You can change the day with the date dropdown to the right of the search bar, next to the module tab strip.

The Day tab displays the following data for the selected date:

Agenda - all your calendar / Day entries

Habit tracker - tracks active habits for the day

Todo list - shows a sorted prioritized Todo list for the day

Daily Notes notebook - allows you to navigate your daily notes and create a new note for the day

New entries will be created on the currently selected day by default -- for instance, a new Todo item will be assigned a Due Date matching the selected date if created from the Day tab.

To create a new Daily Notes entry for the selected day, choose the Entry menu > New entry > New Daily Note command.

Day entries are the main agenda items for StoneNotes. For details on the key fields, see the full list of fields on the Edit details page. You can double click any Day entry to see details of the item.

For details on each type of entry that is displayed on the Day tab, see the See also section below.


You can open the Day at any time by pressing Ctrl+3.

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